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Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment

At Dryad Works, we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We believe in fostering an environment that respects and values each individual. Our Safe Space Policy is designed to ensure the well-being and comfort of all patrons and staff members.

Understanding and Defining Sexual Harassment and Assault

We define Sexual Harassment and Assault as any unwanted, non-consensual behavior of a sexual nature. It includes unwelcome advances, inappropriate comments, and physical or verbal abuse.

Racism, Homophobia, and LGBTQ+ Harassment

We strictly condemn any form of discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Harassment towards individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, racism, homophobia or ableism will not be tolerated.

Dispelling Myths and Addressing Realities

We acknowledge the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault and aim to dispel the myths surrounding them. We encourage open dialogue and education to foster a culture of understanding and support.

Barriers to Reporting Incidents

We recognize that individuals may face barriers when reporting incidents. Our staff is trained to handle reports with sensitivity, empathy, and confidentiality to overcome these hurdles.

Appropriate and Inappropriate Responses

We expect all attendees and staff members to respond appropriately to incidents of harassment or assault. Inappropriate behaviors such as victim-blaming or shaming are strictly prohibited.

Record Keeping and Reporting to Authorities

We maintain accurate records of reported incidents and follow legal requirements when reporting to the authorities. Our goal is to support victims while working towards justice and accountability.

Understanding Consent and the Law

We prioritize consent and promote understanding of its importance. We adhere to legal requirements and provide resources for further information on consent and the law.

Creating a Harassment-Free Environment

We strive to create an environment where harassment is not tolerated. We encourage bystander intervention and provide information and resources to empower individuals to take action.

Working Sensitively

Our staff are trained to work sensitively with anyone who discloses incidents of harassment or assault. We prioritize the well-being and comfort of those affected and provide appropriate support.

We pride ourselves on making Dryad Works a safe and inclusive space for all to enjoy.